Winning Humbly & Losing Gracefully

So, if you follow us on Facebook (if you don't, you definitely should) your newsfeed was most likely overflowing with our Company members' beautiful smiles and make-up covered faces, plus various updates on the outcome of our first competition of the season. #goshowstopper

The best word I can come up with in summation of the dance packed, three day weekend, is


17 dancers, 22 routines - earning countless platinums, golds, and overall awards. However, that is not why the word "wow" is all this company director has to say. Let me explain...

Over the past months, our Company members have been pushed beyond their limitations. Reworking numerous routines, catching their breath for full-out rehearsals, and being told to "do that section one more time" about a million times. Through those months, I witnessed tired limbs, frustration, but most importantly, improvement. As their teacher, I wanted so badly for them to earn a sense of accomplishment for themselves this past weekend. To show them that their hard work was a direct reflection of their success. 

Did we walk away with all platinum first place trophies and first place ranks? No. Did we achieve the sense of accomplishment I was desperately longing for the girls to feel as a reward for all of their commitment? Absolutely.

Not only did the dancers perform with fantastic energy and beautiful technique, they received every award with a joyous smile and their heads held high with confidence -- whether it was a first place platinum, or a third place gold. And that is what makes this dance teacher so incredibly proud. From witnessing those tired limbs and frustration just weeks before, to watching each dancer show their love and support to one another, helping each other with hair and make-up, cheering on their fellow group mates' dances on stage, and sharing their successes and losses as a team. And for that, I am profoundly blown away. 

Being a part of this team is so much more than triple turns and trophies... it is about love. Love for yourself, love for one another, and love for dance: the passion that is shared between this special group of girls.

Just wow.