Studio A

Studio A measures in at 1,134 square feet of dance space. Along with a beautiful, sprung, bamboo floor, dancers have access to cubbies, I-flex stretching units, and other dance tools to help them succeed. One vertical observation window allows you to watch your dancer head-to-toe, from the studio's lobby. Studio A allows dancers to experience growth in a safe and comfortable environment.

Studio B

Studio B offers 1,134 square feet of dance space. Our beautiful & durable, sprung dance floor is bamboo: the strongest hardwood available. This allows our tap students to hear their taps in a way they cannot on the more commonly used, marley dance floor. Our large windows are covered in a privacy film; nothing can be viewed from the outside, and one viewing window allows parents to observe class at their convenience. Studio B allows our students to go all-out, even with a large number of students in class at one time. 

Studio C

Our newest addition offers 1,350 square feet of fabulous dance space. Check back for more details about all that studio C will offer our students!

You'll also find...

  • A spacious lobby with comfortable seating
  • A fully stocked snack bar
  • In stock merchandise, and a selection of used dance shoes/accessories
  • Separate girls and boys locker rooms, and restrooms
  • A large parking lot