Tuition is due at the time of your first class, each month. Tuition will be considered late by the 15th of each month, in which case a late fee of $25 will be added to your tuition amount. We accept payments by cash, check, credit card, and/or automatic withdrawal through our studio’s online portal. There is a 3% fee attached to each credit and online transaction. Returned checks will result in a $25 fee. Tuition statements will be sent to you each month.


Should you need a tuition refund, please speak with us directly. There are many options available to you. Registration, recital, and costume payments cannot be refunded.

Studio Closings

We follow the Lincoln Public School's calendar year. Dates that both elementary and secondary schools are off, we will be also. If LPS is ever closed due to inclement weather, we will be closed as well. If inclement weather occurs after the school day has ended, you will be notified of closings via email, phone, and an update on our website and social media. 

Make-up Classes

Should classes need to be cancelled due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, students are encouraged to attend an equivalent class as a make-up. Speak with your instructor to find the best make-up option for your dancer.

Dress Code

Dancers are expected to dress appropriately for each dance class they attend. This includes hair tightly secured back and away from the face, form-fitting clothing, and dance attire specific to the style of class taken. This is only to help your dancer's success and safety.

Class Size

In order to provide quality instruction to our students, we implement certain class size guidelines. The minimum class size is 5 active students. Any fewer may result in a closed class. We will make every effort to provide a viable alternative class should a minimum not be met. Class maximums will differ between classes, however, if a class becomes full, students will be put on a wait list. In some cases, an alternative class may be created to accommodate a large wait list.