At Greater Impact, we strive to give your child the best dance experience possible. A big part in accomplishing this, is selecting the correct class for our students' age and skill level. If you are unsure of which class to register for, please contact us - we will happily assist you in finding the perfect fit for your dancer. 


Ages: 3-4 | 5-6 | 7-8

Watch your child light up with joy as they experience the magic of dance class! Our age based, combination classes give dancers grace and rhythm while learning their ballet and tap basics.


Ages: 5-8

Let the moving and grooving begin--dancers won't be able to contain their smiles while learning their jazz and hip hop basics. This funky, fast-paced class will give your child a perfect starting spot to explore new styles of dance.


Ages: 7-8

At age 7, dancers will dive into learning techniques of both the fun, fast-paced jazz, and emotion-driven lyrical. Students will gain precision, clarity, and begin to develop an emotional connection with music.


Little learners will discover the magic of dance class through structured lessons and creative play. Dancers will learn their very first ballet basics and navigate their motor development.


Dance alongside your little one and create life-long memories! This class will stimulate your child's listening skills, coordination, balance, and motor development. This class is designed for our youngest of dancers, ages 1-2. *Non-Recital Class*


This class is the perfect place for your energetic toddler! Classes will focus on large motor skills, body awareness, strength, and beginner acrobatic skills. Parents are encouraged to join their little learners in the fun!


We consider ballet to be the foundation for all other styles of dance. Our instructors are trained in various methods of classical ballet; students will be taught a fusion of these traditional techniques.



Lyrical combines both ballet and jazz techniques, while teaching students to develop a deeper connection with the music and visually represent that connection using their faces.



This fun, fast-paced dance style requires a lot of energy and pep! Students will be guided through jazz technique with an emphasis on pom arm motions, gaining strength and precision in their dancing.



Ensure you are 100% ready for your high school's dance team try-outs--we know what you need to succeed! Your dancer will be guided through the essential styles of jazz, pom, and hip-hop. Students will also focus heavily on technical skills, flexibility and core strength, try-out tips, and more.    *Non-Recital Class*


This timeless dance style instills rhythm and coordination in students of all ages. Tap is fun, fast-paced, and allows dancers to better understand and connect to music on a rhythmic level.



This funky dance style is diverse and very energetic! Students learn to let loose, groove, pop, lock, and freestyle while building strength and personality.



This class will focus on combining acrobatic tricks and dance to create fluid and graceful movement. Students will learn acro skills at their individual level and build strength along with body awareness, all while setting and obtaining clear goals.



This class is specifically designed for the older student who is wanting to begin their dance journey. Dancers will be given more individual attention to help them reach their dance goals and gain experience and confidence in a comfortable atmosphere. *Non-Recital Class*


This energetic style of dance offers students growth in so many areas of their technique - precision, clarity, and improving upon their turns, leaps, and jumps.



This theatrical style of dance will bring out your child's inner star! Dancers learn broadway inspired jazz techniques and develop a connection to the music while using their faces to emote.



Dancers need strength and flexibility to be successful artists. This class is a great fit for the student looking to gain both muscle and flexibility. Each child can work at their own pace toward their individual flexibility and strength goals.



This class is specifically designed for our most serious dancers. This class is to be taken in addition to another ballet class during the week. Teacher permission is required to dance en pointe. *Non-Recital Class*


Beginning to Intermediate

Suggested Ages: 9-11



Suggested Ages: 11-12


Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Ages: 13+