Performance Team

Dancers who love the thrill of performing and the joy of the stage will be drawn to our performance team. Members participate in numerous community performances, as well as experience growth, accountability, and the sense of team bonding and accomplishment. Commitment to the performance team carries the expectation for technical development as a dancer, and perfecting performance skills. It is also considered a pre-requisite for dancers who are interested in taking the next step into competitive dance.

Tuition & Requirements:

  • Age 5 years or older
  • Enrolled in ballet and at least one other class
  • Serious commitment to team and performance events
  • Excellent class attendance
  • Love for dance :)

Tuition for performance team is an additional $10 to the monthly amount. Dancers are required to take at least two classes a month, one of which being a ballet class. Refer to our pricing page for the tuition costs.